Arhan Choudhury
Arhan Choudhury

Arhan Choudhury

I am a highly motivated CS Grad student at Cornell with a passion for technology and a keen interest in fullstack and blockchain development. In my free time, I enjoy watching NBA games and researching investment opportunities.

📖 CS @ Cornell: MEng 🎓 CS @ SRM: B.Tech 💻 Prev @ Samsung // Nibbl // Tezsure // Tezos India // Gif Games
📍 Lived in India, US and Oman
🌎 Speaks English, Hindi, Assamese and learning Swedish
🧗‍♂️Hobbies - Cricket 🏏, Table Tennis 🏓, Swimming 🏊 and Piano 🎹
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  • Quantum blockchain-enabled exchange protocol model for decentralized systems
  • Active Blockference: cadCAD with Active Inference for Cognitive Systems Modeling
  • Tokenization of Real Estate Assets Using Blockchain
  • Blockchain-Based Decentralized Knowledge Marketplace Using Active Inference
  • Enhancing Healthcare System Using Blockchain Smart Contracts


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